Who is Dr. Sally Headding?

Dr. Sally Headding has more than thirty-five years of successful experience as a forensic psychic and holding personal readings. She has her doctorate in clinical psychology and another in parapsychology, magna cum laude, while considering herself to be a conservative in the world of psychics, mediums, clairvoyants – all of which she feels is the same ability with different labels. Dr. Headding has assisted law enforcement agencies throughout the world along with reading individual clients from many foreign countries.

For personal reasons, Dr. Headding had chosen to remain out of the public eye for most of her career until a researcher for Discovery Cable Channel contacted her regarding the many crime cases she had been requested to consult on. This resulted in some of her many crime cases being televised for the A&E Channel, The Biography Channel, Tru Crime Channel, The Learning Channel, and The Discovery Channel not to leave out a myriad of cable channels around the world…including such remote places as Mongolia and Arusha, Tanzania (where she was also asked to assist on crime cases). Dr. Headding’s requested participation in these televised series has contributed to her reputation as a highly credible psychic throughout the world as the results of her work remain a solid testimony to her highly accurate intuitive abilities.

Verification of her Abilities

In 1994, Dr. Headding’s psychic abilities were clinically tested through a grant from the University of California, Berkeley, by Dr. Edward Stambaugh, III. His results confirmed that her strong preternatural abilities are real. With a positive reputation, word of her ability spread from the private sector and law enforcement agencies, requesting her assistance in finding crime victims bodies, missing persons to connecting with a clients loved on on the Other Side. Dr. Headding has done readings for individuals in all walks of life, from doctors, lawyers, judges and homemakers to a Nobel nominated scientist, famous movie stars and college presidents. She was honored, as an act of appreciation from one of her highly connected clients, to meet President Bill Clinton, while he was still in office.

Recognition of her Work

As her fame as a forensic intuitive spreads, Dr. Headding continues to be recognized throughout the world. She donates her ability to many non-profit organizations around the world who work to protect children where their rights are non-existent, as she does her crime consultations. Major publications have written favorable articles regarding her work. “Ciencia Criminal” a criminal investigative magazine of scientific merit, featured a lengthy article that both researched Dr. Headding’s work as a forensic intuitive and applauded her many successes in the field (August 2006 issue by Sergio Pereira Cuoto, Senior Editor). Dr. Headding has been requested to consult on crime cases throughout South America, Europe, England, Mongolia, Russia…a list that continues to grow year after year. Many of these cases are high-profile although Dr. Headding prefers to maintain her privacy while avoiding the chaotic energy that the media tends to represent.

Community Service

Dr. Headding has also been active in local community service, serving on a planning commissions along with being appointed by a California Governor to sit on one of his advisory commissions. While attending college in Nevada, she was a co-founder of the second rape crisis center to be established in the United States, Community Action Against Rape, CARR (1974) which remains in operation to this day. Dr. Headding also spear headed the de-legalization of all decompression chambers being used as a form of euthanasia in Nevada’s animal shelters. Lethal injection has since replaced what was known to be a cruel and even torturous death for unwanted cats and dogs. At present, Dr. Headding continues to receive commendations from law enforcement agencies and State Governors for her assistance on crime cases along with her successful location of missing persons. Dr. Headding has spoken professionally to audiences of thousands. She has participated in live televised symposiums as an expert in rape and women’s self-defense while holding two black belts, with sensi status, in karate. She is most proud of having honorably served her country in the U.S. Women’s Army Corps and being a Vietnam era veteran.