Dr. Headding has done readings for individuals in all walks of life, from doctors, lawyers, judges and homemakers to a Nobel nominated scientist, famous movie stars and college presidents. She was honored, as an act of appreciation from one of her highly connected clients, to meet President Bill Clinton, while he was still in office.         

What do real clients have to say about Dr. Sally Headding?

We‘ve known “Dr. Sally” for the past twelve years and we are pleased to describe our interactions with her. She is a kind and caring person who has been blessed with a truly amazing gift. Her soothing voice calms and opens one‘s mind, allowing for the most productive conversations that flow beyond the boundaries of our typical defense mechanisms. She has been able to enhance our sense of personal power by combining her psychic perception with her formal training as a counselor. She encourages self-directedness rather than co-dependency, and pro-activeness rather than passivity. We feel fortunate to have established a strong life connection to this brilliant and beautiful soul.

– Dr. Jim and Mrs. Camille Brennan (Pennsylvania, USA)

In 1994, a friend gave me a reading with Dr Sally Headding as a gift. 12 years later, 30+ friend referals, and many more readings, I am still a true believer in Dr Headding‘s incredible gift. Like I tell many people, Dr Headding is the windex and paper towel to your window of life. She gets all the dirt and smudges off so you can see your path clearer – much clearer.

– Gina M. Martin (Photographer Representative, National Geographic Image Collection – Washington, DC)

I can‘t thank you enough, Sally, for your guidance and support during my recent career search. Not only did I get the exact job at Prodigy Services that you saw for me, but you were also accurate about the working arrangements. I will be able to work from my San Francisco home, using the Prodigy computer network to communicate with the home office in White Plains, New York. Even my six figure income was what you had predicted.

Thank you for all of your advice, Sally. You allowed me to see the possibilities within myself to seize these opportunities. I would not have called the recruiter about Prodigy, simply because they are in New York. This career would not be mine had you not shown me that it was there.

– Steven Wylie (July 1994)

My name is Laurie Valdez. I am a certified forensic artist (International Assosiation For Identification) specializing in suspect composites. The most important and gratifying artistic endevor in which I‘ve ever been involved is working with Dr. Sally Headding. I first saw Dr. Sally on the crime series Psychic Witness. I was extremely impressed with her work and wanted to align my skills as a forensic composite artist with her forensic abilities. We have consulted together on several crime cases since I first contact her and. I feel so lucky to be able to work with Dr. Headding. The detail Dr. Headding provides for each suspect truly makes my job easy. I feel that being able to do this type of work and being able to work with someone as wonderful as Dr. Sally is a gift from God.

– Laurie Valdez (law enforcement contact information for crime case composite work)

Working with Dr. Sally Headding is life changing. When you meet her, you instantly feel a connection that can only be described as “kindred” She has a wisdom and patience that I have never seen in another person, gifted or otherwise. Her ability to quiet the outside world and focus her gifts for a greater good is wonderful but the true lesson from Dr. Sally comes from her humanity. She has a heart that knows no boundaries and cares about every person‘s life as if it were her own. She sees every interaction as an opportunity to enrich someone else‘s life and she does all of this with a selflessness that is astonishing. Her gifts are beyond measure and the only thing Dr. Headding may not be able to truly comprehend is just how much she touches not only the people she works with but everyone around them.

– Mrs. Kelly Frost (Connecticut)

It was at fifteen years ago, the fall of 1991. I was employed by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, CA as a chemist doing Analytical Research & Development work. One day I had some pain with each inhalation. I went to the Medical Department which was fairly large, servicing more than ten thousand employess. The physician on duty ordered an EKG which showed that nothing was wrong with my heart. He diagnosed me as having what he called the “stomach flu” and sent me home. My supervisor drove me home and I got in touch with Sally who is a friend and who I was to have dinner with that evening. Sally told me to have someone drive me right in to Alta Bates Hospital without delay. I argued with her and told her that I would rather wait until the next morning, see how I felt then. However, Sally was adamant and insisted that I get to the hospital immediately. I had my son drive me straight to Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley.

Within minutes a team of trauma physicians were working on me, ultimately sticking a long needle into the pericardium surrounding my heart. More than one quart of fluid was removed. That I had not suffered a fatal heart attack from the pressure of this fluid. The next morning in my room in the intensive care unit of Alta Bates Hospital, my cardiologist stated; “Thirty minutes delay, Dr. Selig, and we would not have been able to have saved your life yesterday. What ever motivated you to get into the emergency room yesterday evening saved your life!” I was hospitalized for more than a week and the final diagnosis was not a cold as I had originally been told. My final diagnosis was idiopathic pericarditis. I am alive and enjoying life today because of the gift that Dr Sally Headding walks with.

– Dr. Walter Selig (California)